DWF Labs is excited to announce a new partnership with Adappter, a blockchain-based reward platform that expands their ecosystem. The Adappter platform utilises blockchain technology to create value based on users' contributions, ensuring that every moment spent within the ecosystem is converted to value and distributed to everyone who uses it.

Adappter's ecosystem is built on a spirit of fairness, sharing, and trust that creates 'The Pleasant World' connecting users and partners. Through Adappter's activity points (AP) and transparent distribution system, users earn Adappter tokens (ADP) that can be used to purchase items or exchanged for cash at Adappter stores. All members of the Adappter ecosystem lead by being rewarded with ADP according to their contributions.

The Adappter ecosystem is expanding infinitely through connections and links with a variety of content based on Adappter's own reward SDK and league system. This ecosystem optimises the entertainment process, ensuring that users enjoy Adappter services provided by diverse partners while earning AP and receiving an airdrop of ADP through the transparent and fair Adappter league system.

DWF Labs is thrilled to partner with Adappter and contribute to this innovative blockchain-based reward system. We look forward to seeing how our collaboration with Adappter will benefit users and partners of both ecosystems.