DWF Labs is proud to announce our investment in LENA, the newest decentralized peer-to-peer based NFT liquidity protocol. LENA provides NFT owners with the opportunity to obtain an instant NFT loan and borrow ETH, simply by maintaining a collateral ratio and repaying back flexibly. With LENA, NFT owners can retrieve their NFT back once the loan is paid and even use their NFT to claim third parties airdrop without having to repay the lending pool.

LENA is the one-stop-shop for securing loans with NFTs and earning YIELD instantly. The LENA protocol is designed to empower user autonomy and transparency, offering services that span across all Web3 assets. The goal of LENA is to unlock the true potential of Web3 by developing innovative NFT solutions including fractionalization, derivative markets, multi-chain support, and flexible risk lending protocols, giving the power back to the users.