Element Black

We are excited to announce the investment opportunity in Element Black, a revolutionary NFT platform that is bringing a new level of co-creation, collaboration, and co-ownership to the world of digital assets. With Element Black, creators will have the ability to collaborate and create together in new and innovative ways, from music to pixel art, and unlock the full potential of Social-Fi.

Element Black is home to Music Infinity, where social collaboration meets the music industry. With Music Infinity, creators can co-create and edit original songs with other creators and major artists using Element Black's custom NFT Studio. Fans will also be able to unlock exclusive music from celebrity artists through "mystery boxes."

Pixel Infinity is another exciting feature of Element Black, an NFT creator that allows for collaboration between thousands of fans and creators to design unique pixel art NFTs or create their own pixel art on a private canvas. These NFTs can be minted and sold on the Element Black marketplace, and with the possibility of collaborations with celebrities, the opportunities are endless.

Element Black is powered by the ELT governance token, which uses the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 protocol). The ELT token offers multiple ways for users to participate in the Element Black ecosystem, including mining, where tokens will be automatically awarded for every eight hours spent using Element Black products, and minting, where Element Black makes the process simple for creators.