DWF Labs becomes the latest addition to the $25 million fund known as the TON accelerator program.

The firm aims to contribute to tokenomics, market making, and liquidity provision for the TON ecosystem.

Another one joins the accelerator program

On June 14, TON announced the addition of DWF Labs, a subsidiary of Digital Wave Finance, one of the top 5 trading entities by volume in the cryptocurrency industry, to its accelerator program. As part of the program, DWF Labs will contribute to tokenomics, market making, and liquidity provision within the TON ecosystem.

The support from DWF Labs will include investment tickets and other ecosystem services. The collaboration between TON and DWF Labs is expected to bolster the DeFi infrastructure on TON, as DWF Labs has demonstrated prior support for projects within the TON network through past investments.

The Open Network (TON), a layer-1 blockchain initially developed by Telegram, first announced its accelerator program on May 22 with the introduction of a $25 million fund dedicated to supporting projects within its ecosystem.

The fund, known as the “TON accelerator program,” aims to provide investments ranging from $50,000 to $250,000 per project, in addition to offering partnerships and mentorships facilitated by TON’s staff.

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