DWF Chats S2|E1: Gavin Thomas & Cais Manai, Obscuro

In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Gavin Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO, as well as Cais Manai, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, from the project Obscuro. Obscuro is a platform that provides the entire Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making it easier for application developers to port their existing Ethereum applications to Obscuro. With Obscuro, developers can create private Ethereum applications with ease, without the need for specialist knowledge.

DWF Chats Ep18: Michael Norton, Solve.Care

In this episode of our podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Norton, the Global Community Manager at Solve.Care, a healthcare technology company that utilizes blockchain to transform the healthcare industry.

DWF Chats Ep17: Ming Wu, Conflux

In episode 17 of DWF Chats we hosted Ming Wu, the CTO at Conflux.

Conflux is a groundbreaking blockchain platform that is transforming the way creators, communities, and markets interact. Conflux is designed to bridge borders and protocols, enabling seamless connections across different networks. With its high throughput, secure and interoperable technology, Conflux is poised to lead the next generation of decentralized innovation.

DWF Chats Ep16: Justin Hyun, TON Foundation

In episode 16 of DWF Chats we hosted Justin Hyun, the Head of Incubation at TON Foundation.

TON is a fully decentralized layer-1 blockchain designed by Telegram to onboard billions of users. It boasts ultra-fast transactions, tiny fees, easy-to-use apps, and is environmentally friendly.

DWF Chats Ep15: Karthik Subramanian, kanalabs

In episode 15 of DWF Chats we hosted Karthik Subramanian, the Co-Founder at Kana Labs.

Kanalabs is a cutting-edge technology company that provides a one-stop shop for all your digital asset needs. Kana Labs' platform enables users to easily move assets between different chains, as well as lend, borrow, and earn tokens at the best rates in the market.

DWF Chats Ep14: Ty (Tytan) Blackard, NFTY.finance

Episode 14 of DWF Chats features Ty (Tytan) Blackard, the Co-Founder and Head of Business Development at NFTY.finance. NFTY was founded at the time when NFT became mainstream. The project aims to provide borrowing and lending opportunities for NFT owners.

DWF Chats Ep13: Heng Lee, DWF Labs

In episode 13 of DWF Chats we interviewed Heng Lee, Partner in DWF Labs. Heng shared with the audience the main trends for 2023 as well as a recap of the over $50M invested in 2022.

DWF Chats Ep12: Micky Watkins and Zachary Vann, World mobile Token (WMT)

The episode 12 of DWF Chats is a conversation with Micky and Zac, from the World Mobile Token (WMT). Founder and CEO Micky is a veteran in the telecommunication industry and Zachary, the Head of Token, a true "OG" in crypto. WMT is set to become the world's largest mobile network, connecting billions of people around the world through innovative technologies and the power of decentralisation.

DWF Chats Ep11: Glen Aw, Arcane Group

In this episode of DWF Labs, we will be chatting with Glen Aw, Associate at the Arcane Group. The Arcane Group is a global multi-stage venture capital firm with a focus on blockchain businesses across the whole spectrum. The Arcane Group invests in entrepreneurs and ideas that build on and unlock the potential of Web3.