, a pioneering Web3 metaverse project, has inked a strategic partnership with DWF Labs, securing substantial investment. Long-term financial support bolsters Mars4’s development progress and comes at a pivotal time as the company prepares to launch a suite of new products and the multiplayer game.

Investment by DWF Labs will accelerate the rollout of innovative additions to Mars4’s ecosystem, including:

  • The launch of multiplayer functionality in Mars4’s 3D survival game, expanding the metaverse experience for players worldwide.
  • Finalizing the 3D game’s surface recreation with the help of AI and NASA elevation data to create an exact surface model of Mars, something never achieved before.
  • Peer-to-peer resource trading within the game and through the Mars4 client Mars Control Center with integrated AI and machine learning facilitating seamless digital asset exchanges between players and investors.
  • The release of second-generation Colonist NFTs, offering users increased opportunities in Mars4’s play-to-earn game model.

DWF Labs, a prominent player in the digital asset space with a wealth of experience, has demonstrated its strong belief in Mars4’s potential. The infusion of capital ensures Mars4’s sustained growth, further propelling the project’s development and the timely achievement of roadmap objectives. CEO Richard Berno said:

“We are thrilled to have DWF Labs as a partner in our mission to create an innovative gaming platform allowing humanity to explore Mars virtually with adventures, fun and excitement. Their expertise and financial support will be instrumental in realizing our vision and taking MARS4 to the next level.”

Mars4’s primary offerings include its immersive 3D multiplayer survival game built on Unreal Engine 5.1 and the accompanying in-game asset management system Mars Control Center, facilitated by AI and machine learning. The platform integrates a play-to-earn system with blockchain technology and exclusive assets such as topographically accurate Mars land plots to generate novel revenue streams for gamers and investors. DWF Labs’ extensive knowledge and experience in digital assets will play a crucial role in unlocking Mars4’s full potential.