Understanding Market Makers, the Invisible Hand That Carries the Crypto Market

Market markers are important to traders, crypto project founders, and exchanges in the crypto space. Market makers help to provide liquidity for exchanges, making it easier to trade different tokens without having a massive impact on the price. In this post, we'll explore market markers and their importance in crypto.

Bitcoin’s ‘Inflation Hedge’ Case Is Dead; Crypto Leader Heading To $12k

“Bitcoin is not immune to macroeconomic factors,” says Andrei Grachev, managing partner at DWF Labs, a Web 3.0 investor based in Zug, Switzerland. “Ongoing factors like the Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates have affected market confidence greatly, and market uncertainty means investors will turn to low-risk assets. Unfortunately, bitcoin is still seen as a newer, volatile asset to be a hedge, but I think Bitcoin is still going to be a highly profitable asset for middle and long-term investors.”

Ether Leads Crypto Recovery on Merge Confirmation, but Traders Remain Cautious

Ether (ETH) rose some 5% in the past 24 hours to lead a recovery among major cryptocurrencies as Ethereum developers confirmed The Merge’s dates on Wednesday.