In episode 15 of DWF Chats we hosted Karthik Subramanian, the Co-Founder at Kana Labs.

Kanalabs is a cutting-edge technology company that provides a one-stop shop for all your digital asset needs. Kana Labs' platform enables users to easily move assets between different chains, as well as lend, borrow, and earn tokens at the best rates in the market.

With its unique non-custodial crypto wallet, users can access their assets from anywhere on any chain, making it easy to manage and maximize earnings. Additionally, Kana Labs provides real-time pricing information, allowing users to find the best yield to lend and the cheapest rates to borrow across the entire DeFi universe.

  • 0:38 - Why kanalabs?
  • 1:48 - The complexity of an ecosystem with multiple blockchains
  • 3:11 - Traditional blockchain bridges compared to kanalabs
  • 4:50 - The tech innovation brought by kanalabs
  • 6:20 - Cross-chain transactions with kanalabs
  • 7:58 - The kanalabs community

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