In episode 17 of DWF Chats we hosted Ming Wu, the CTO at Conflux.

Conflux is a groundbreaking blockchain platform that is transforming the way creators, communities, and markets interact. Conflux is designed to bridge borders and protocols, enabling seamless connections across different networks. With its high throughput, secure and interoperable technology, Conflux is poised to lead the next generation of decentralized innovation.

  • 0:58 - The solution that Conflux brings to the blockchain industry
  • 2:50 - How Conflux breaks the blockchain nodes limitations
  • 5:00 - Conflux introduces third-party sponsored gas fees
  • 6:52 - The Conflux community around the world
  • 9:09 - The ecosystem integration between Enterprise and NFT
  • 10:47 - What Ming expects from 2023 in crypto
  • 12:44 - Conflux collaboration with China Telecom

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