In Episode 2 | Season 2, we sit down with Tae Oh, the CEO and Founder of Gluwa, the innovative company behind CreditCoin. CreditCoin is a decentralised finance platform that aims to revolutionise the global lending market by providing borderless access to credit. By leveraging blockchain technology, CreditCoin creates a transparent, secure, and efficient ecosystem for borrowers and lenders, overcoming traditional barriers to credit access. Join us as Tae Oh shares his vision for Gluwa, the challenges they've faced in bringing CreditCoin to life, and the potential impact of this groundbreaking platform on the future of finance.

  • 1:23 - The challenges of the loans and lending industry
  • 2:49 - The solution that blockchain offered to the problem
  • 3:48 - Tech issues in the first implementation and the solution identified
  • 4:58 - How CreditCoin scales to the current size
  • 6:00 - About the competitive landscape
  • 7:22 - The transition between version 2.0 and 3.0 of CreditCoin
  • 8:58 - The CreditCoin community
  • 9:39 - Three practical use cases of CreditCoin
  • 13:00 - Implementation timeline and roadmap

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