On this episode of DWF Chats, we have the pleasure of speaking with Sergei Sergenko, founder and CEO of Chrono Tech. Sergei's company has produced LaborX, a cutting-edge HR product that has garnered an impressive 130,000 users. In addition, Chrono Tech has launched the TIME token, a unique offering that allows users to earn rewards by staking their tokens in the TIME ecosystem. Sergei will be sharing insights into the development of these innovative solutions, as well as discussing the benefits they offer to individuals and businesses alike. We're excited to have Sergei on the show to share his expertise and perspective on the intersection of HR, crypto, and technology.

  • 0:52 - Introduction to Chrono Tech and TIME
  • 2:56 - How Chrono Tech managed to solve the problem
  • 4:02 - The team behind Chrono Tech
  • 5:35 - How to get started with LabourX, the core product of Chrono Tech
  • 7:46 - Introduction to the TIME token utility
  • 9:32 - Sergei's call-to-action

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