Welcome to Episode 4 of Season 2 of DWF Chats, your web3 podcast for insightful discussions on decentralised technology. Today, we're excited to interview Denis, Founder and CEO of WiFiMap, a project with a mission to provide free internet access worldwide.

Believing that internet access is a fundamental human right, WiFiMap is building a community-driven decentralised wireless network. With 3.7 billion people still unconnected, this platform aims to change lives by enabling free, stable, secure, and fast connections for everyone.

  • 0:41 - Introduction of Denis and the idea behind the project
  • 1:24 - The legacy of the project and the numbers achieved so far
  • 3:06 - The WiFi token and its utility
  • 5:01 - Latest tech updates
  • 6:14 - The team behind WiFi Map
  • 7:03 - Why blockchain is needed in Wifi Map use case
  • 7:54 - How to join the community
  • 9:25 - The vision of Denis for WiFi Map

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