Welcome to Episode 5 of Season 2 of DWF Chats, your go-to web3 podcast for insights into the decentralised world. Today, we're honored to host a true visionary in the realm of Web3 and IoT, Xin (Sheen) Hu, the initiator of MXC DAO. Under his leadership and passion for innovation, MXC DAO has become the largest Web3 IoT network in the world, deployed in communities across 177 countries.

MXC DAO has made a significant impact by leveraging blockchain technology to create a decentralised and secure IoT network. This fosters innovation while enabling greater accessibility and efficiency in the global IoT landscape. We're thrilled to have Xin (Sheen) join us on DWF Chats to share his insights, experiences, and the driving forces behind MXC DAO's groundbreaking success.

  • 1:01 - The problem / solution brought to the market
  • 2:32 - How can the community develop IoT innovation on top of MXC infrastructure
  • 4:16 - Overall trends in crypto and blockchain
  • 5:25 - The concept of Initial Sensor Offering (ISO)
  • 7:14 - Use cases for ISO
  • 9:16 - How web3 can change the world
  • 11:03 - The importance of an intuitive user experience

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