In this episode of DWF Labs, we will be chatting with Wladimir Weinbenderi, co-founder of the DIVA Protocol. DIVA Protocol is a decentralised and permissionless piece of infrastructure that allows its users to create and settle fully customisable financial derivative contracts peer-to-peer.

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  • 0:24 - How did you get started and current of the Diva project
  • 1:30 - What problems are you trying to solve
  • 2:55 - Who are the upcoming competitors in the space
  • 5:08 - Can you talk more about community, how it grew and what type of questions you get in the community
  • 6:53 - Can you confirm the launch of the second testnet coming up soon
  • 7:33 - How can our listeners engage your channel and community
  • 8:35 - Share any final words with our audience

For more information about Diva Protocol, visit

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