In this episode of DWF Labs, we will be chatting with Glen Aw, Associate at the Arcane Group. The Arcane Group is a global multi-stage venture capital firm with a focus on blockchain businesses across the whole spectrum. The Arcane Group invests in entrepreneurs and ideas that build on and unlock the potential of Web3.

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  • 1:12 - The status of the web3 gaming industry in Vietnam
  • 2:35 - What is the Arcane Group currently investing in?
  • 3:24 - Investment spotlight on Suberra
  • 4:27 - Upcoming trends in Web3
  • 5:44 - How the fall of FTX could pave the road for a new crypto spring led by DEXs
  • 8:00 - How DWF Labs and the Arcane Group share web3 investment deal flow
  • 8:46 - Origins and future developments for the Arcane Group

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