The episode 12 of DWF Chats is a conversation with Micky and Zac, from the World Mobile Token (WMT). Founder and CEO Micky is a veteran in the telecommunication industry and Zachary, the Head of Token, a true "OG" in crypto. WMT is set to become the world's largest mobile network, connecting billions of people around the world through innovative technologies and the power of decentralisation.

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  • 0:34 - Introduction of the project and the team
  • 1:59 - How WMT is solving a real problem with a real blockchain solution
  • 3:45 - Why decentralisation is essential in telecommunication
  • 4:51 - The business model in telecommunication and addressable market
  • 6:03 - Scalability and expansion roadmap of WMT
  • 8:28 - The utility of the WMT token
  • 10:18 - The Zanzibar pilot project
  • 11:44 - Building regardless of market conditions
  • 12:28 - A message for the WMT community and beyond

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